Data protection information

For the data handling in connection with the KÉSZ Group website

KÉSZ Consulting Ltd. (6000 Kecskemét, Izsáki street 8, Company Registration Number: 03-09-113608) (hereinafter referred to as the: "Data Manager") is committed to protecting personal information. Therefore, during the operation of homepage (hereinafter referred to as the: "WebSite"), in connection with the use of the services that are available on the WebSite, data service providers (hereinafter referred to as the: "Concerned") his personal information in this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the: "Informative") is according to the provisions.

1. Definition of personal data

The Data Controller in the meaning of the personal data (hereinafter referred to as: "Personal Data") defined according to the concept of information self-determination and freedom of information, in accordance with the law dated 2011. number CXII (hereinafter: Info Law). part 3. § 2. point.

  • Automatically collected non-personal information

During the visit of the WebSite, the Data Controller can access information automatically, which means, not through registration. These are in particular the date and time of the visit, the IP address of the Concerned person’s computer, the type of the browser, the address of the visited and previously visited web site.

If someone visits the WebSite - if it has been granted by the Concerned on its own computer - it may happen placement of "cookies". The Concerned can prevent or delete this by settings on his browser.

The data that will be automatically recorded, will be provided without the specific statement or action of the Concerned, logs automatically when the Concerned logs in or out. These data may not be linked to another Personal Data, except in cases, that they are legally or mandatory binding.

2. Principles and purpose of data management      

The Data Controller handles all the information and data that comes to his notice while entering the WebSite, in all cases, in accordance with the applicable data protection rules.

In managing and processing the personal data, the Data Controller keeps in mind the following principles:

  • he can handle only personal data, that handled on the basis of the consent of the Concerned, or by a statutory mandate,
  • the personal data he/she has access to will only be used for the purpose indicated for the purposes of the data,
  • only data that is essential to the realization of the goal and suitable for the purpose can be handled,
  • in all cases informs the Concerned of the purpose, method and duration of the data handling, and of the list of persons involved in the processing of the data,
  • personal data may be only transmitted to third parties solely on the basis of the consent of the Concerned or obligation by law,
  • he shall take all necessary measures to protect the data and to prevent unauthorized access, and
  • and he acts always accordance with the provisions of applicable law at all times.

The Data Controller manages the Personal Data to perform its services provided through the WebSite, does not collect any personal data that is collected on the basis of the non-voluntary consent of the Concerned Person, such as registration, contact, application, notification, etc. given.      

3. Legal basis of data handling

Data handling by Data Controller is done according to Section 5 (1) (a) of the Info Law, on the basis of the voluntary contribution of the Person Concerned.

The Data Controller will handle the relevant data related to the Concerned Service only when using certain services on the WebSite on the basis of the express consent of the Concerned Person, who expressly agrees to manage his/her personal data (implied behavior). This contribution can be withdrawn at any time.

When applying to jobs - published on the WebSite of KÉSZ Group – the Concerned completes and submits the registration form to contribute separately to the Personal Data on the Registration Form for recruitment.

4. Designating KÉSZ Consulting Ltd., as Data Controller

Name: KÉSZ Consulting Financial Service Provider and Economic Adviser Limited Liability Company

Headquarters: 6000 Kecskemét, Izsáki street 8.

Tax number: 13739287-2-03

Company registered number: 03-09-113608

Phone: +36 1 476 6900

5. Duration of data handling

Data related to the Service will be processed for a period of 6 months from the date of recording by the Person Concerned.

Automatically collected non-personal information about the system - except for the last visit date, which will be automatically overwritten – is stored for 72 hours after the date of recording.

6. Data processing

The processing of Personal Data - as requested by the Data Controller - is done by IBCnet-Magyarország Ltd. (1101 Budapest, Üllői út 114-116., Company registration number: Cg. 01-09-665688), through an IT Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as the: "Data Processor").

In the processing of Personal Data, the Data Processor only performs the technical tasks associated with the data management operations, after which the Personal Data is transmitted to Data Controller only.

 7. Data Relevant Rights of the Affected, and Enforcement Options

The Concerned – at and according to Info Law - is entitled at any time to request information about the Personal Data handled by the Data Controller, concerning Personal Data, he may request the deletion or correction the Personal Data, he and may object to the handling his Personal Information. The Data Controller handles the requests in this regard and the protest against the data control, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The Concerned may contact the Data Controller through any of the contact details listed below for any concerns of any data management issues he may have concerning the data handling.

E-mail:      info [at]

Phone:      +36 1 476 6900

8. Other legal enforcement options

The Concerned - based on Info Law and the Civil Code (Act V of 2013) – can turn to the National Privacy and Information Freedom Authority (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.;, or may exercise its rights before a court having competence or jurisdiction.

9. Data security

The Data Controller undertakes to provide Personal Data Security, and take any technical action to ensure that the Personal Data you are processing is protected against unauthorized access, destruction, alteration or use. In addition, it commits itself to any third party that may transmit or transmit Personal Data to inform the Concerned of its obligations under this Act.

10. Other provisions

The Data Controller reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice unilaterally by publishing it on the Website. Upon the entry into force of this amendment, the Concerned Party will accept the modified Privacy Policy by using the WebSite as a matter of course.

This Privacy Policy has come into force on 10th May 2016.