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IBCnet-Magyarország Kft. was founded in 1998 with the mission to design, model and realize at the highest quality standard possible the IT background for small, medium-sized and large companies, covering their entire operation, starting from business management systems, through knowledge management and internet-based solutions, all the way to management IT systems.

In the past 17 years we used our technological expertise and business management knowledge to help our clients to develop and compete more successfully in the increasingly intensifying economic situation. Whatever the demand may be: software to help monitor and automate corporate processes, or an application designed for a specific task such as financial analysis and planning, handling customer relations, production, cost efficiency or acquisition. All these require solutions adjusted to the individual demands of our clients to obtain maximum business value for them.

IBCnet does not simply offer great software. Our devoted and highly skilled experts are able to harmonize the possibilities provided by the applications and the operation of your company in the most perfect way possible. We find it especially important to make your new system available for you within the shortest period of time, while ensuring appropriate cost efficiency.

Our Services

Setting up decision support IT systems (design)

IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.'s design solutions connect the company's strategic goals with the operative goals. With the help of our business design tools we can make complex business plans and models, with which the implementation of the plans can be monitored even by creating a system of indicators.

Business Intelligence Systems (Execution)

IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.'s complex solutions cover all aspects of business intelligence. IBCnet-Magyarország Kft., with its individually developed framework system, is able to develop individual business intelligence systems suiting corporate demands.

Planning, monitoring and reporting tools (analysis)

Permanent feedback and control guarantees development. IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.’s controlling and report making solutions, by performing an analysis of the plan and factual data, help companies continuously optimize their performance. In our projects we integrate all functions needed for such control, by using the latest corporate portal solutions.

Supporting marketing and trade with it tools

IT support is essential for professional commercial and marketing activity. IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.'s tools offer complex tools for all commercial processes from planning to monitoring. IBM Cognos may provide efficient help for preparing sales and commercial plans; the tools for the efficient management of customer relations represent IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.'s own CRM solutions, and the monitoring of commercial indicators is also easy with the help of the IBM Cognos software.

Tools supporting human resource management

Human resource management represents one of the most difficult tasks for modern enterprises. IBCnet-Magyarország Kft. views human resource management in the context of complex corporate processes. As a result of the integration of knowledge management and training systems into human resources records, the actual potential of the knowledge accumulated “in the heads” of the company's employees can be assessed in one place.

Tools supporting production management

Production management is possibly the most complex business process. Whether it is a building company, a telecommunications company or a software development enterprise, efficient operation is impossible without accurate planning and management. IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.’s production and project management tools make it possible to smoothly fit production processes in the operation of the company. In IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.'s solutions, all processes from acquisition to delivery are implemented within one single system - including the planning and controlling system, which guarantees access to the information needed for reaching confident decisions.

Tools supporting financial tasks

Efficient planning and controlling. In its solutions, IBCnet-Magyarország Kft. never forgets the importance of the financial aspect. Our business planning and reporting tools - combined with financial and accounting systems - help us convert different indices and information into financial data and indicators needed for reaching decisions. Our solutions are based on the idea that the financial dimension of all processes, from planning to monitoring, should also be made available.

Developing unique applications with our own development tool

HyperBrain is a development tool developed by IBCnet-Magyarország Kft. The system is first of all suitable for the management and development of IT data groups and databases; it makes the collection, storing and retrieval of information far more efficient than it would be with the use of traditional database tools. Its use is recommended in the case of large databases, special and customized developments. The complete platform independence of the HyperBrain system is ensured by the Java development environment.

Development of mobile applications in the context of a large enterprise

IBCnet-Magyarország Kft.’s mobile applications development division is responsible for developing applications for the company’s employees, which provide access to the main IT systems of large enterprises on mobile devices as well. Furthermore, it also offers mobile communication monitoring and recording, and mobile work process management business solutions for large enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

IT operation

In the life of operating and functioning companies, IT support bears outstanding significance. A reliable IT system is a foundation for supporting business processes and for facilitating the continuous operation and growing of the company. IBCnet-Magyarország Kft. has been dealing with IT operation since it was founded, so the great experience and continuous training of our employees guarantee their suitability for the operation of the corporate IT system.

Website planning and development

Web profile is essential for a company, so we find this service especially important. We undertake the comprehensive designing of websites, including planning and development, suiting customer demands. Due to the wide use of the internet there is an increasing number of tools that are suitable for web browsing, so already in the planning phase we design the website in such a way that it can also be displayed on mobile devices in excellent quality. Our primary aim is that the desired website should suit the latest trends and web policies in every case.


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