About us

KÉSZ Group is one of the largest construction companies in Hungary. Its successful international expansion, market independence and sector-shaping role highlight it out of the domestic competitors.

Thanks to its wide portfolio of services and its own resources, KÉSZ can respond in a complex way to the emerging construction and economic needs of the service, not only in Hungary but also in international markets. Through the design, implementation, and operation, all the related tasks are carried out by the group of companies, which the present and future market customers need.

The KÉSZ Group knows. The KÉSZ Group will do it. Thanks to its uniquely wide range of service portfolios and resources, KÉSZ not only claims to be able to ... It will really do it! READY (=KÉSZ). "We build on knowledge" 
This knowledge is the most important driver and cohesion force of the KÉSZ Group.

KÉSZ Group's two main divisions are KÉSZ Engineering & Technologies (KÉSZ ET), which includes the entire construction business of the group and KÉSZ Business Solutions (KÉSZ BS). The latter compiles all the economic services that support the operation of the group on the one hand, and, on the other hand, offer property management, business and commercial services regardless of the group.

KÉSZ aims to become one of the leading companies in the CEE region, achieving real international successes as an independent Hungarian group of companies, who, thanks to their background and their spirit, represent the domestic values of the company across borders. An important objective is to identify the KÉSZ Group as a Hungarian equity investor on the market due to its successful international activity.