A Jabil factory was handed over by KÉSZ Ukraine

March 15, 2019

On March 15th, 2019, the American company Jabil opened new production facilities near Uzhhorod, Ukraine. «KESZ-UA Holding» LLC has completed the construction of the plant.

Jabil plant in Uzhhorod is a part of Jabil Circuit, Inc., one of the world's largest electronic component manufacturing companies. It has 120 plants all over the world, the plant in Uzhhorod is of mega-site category, mobile phones, media players and computer equipment will be produced for export to the EU. The total area with warehouse facilities after extension is 48 911 m2.

The project was carried out under «Design & Build» and «Lump Sum» terms, beside general design and construction we developed conceptual solutions, collected initial data, but we also represent the Customer's interests in the relevant institutions. The project was executed in accordance with the international codes and regulations.