A new traffic roundbound will be built in Szeged.

May 25, 2018

From wall-to-wall, the Tisza Lajos boulevard will be reconstructed during the summer holiday behind the department store and at Novotel Hotel, a further more a new traffic roundbound  will be built at the junction point of Szilléri avenue and the Debreceni street.

”The year 2018 is the year of investments. There is no such a week, that some kind of major city development wouldn’t start. Now, we will launch three connected investment in the downtown area!” – announced on his news conference on Wednesday Mr. László Botka, mayor of Szeged. ”The total amount of these are 960 million forints, out of which, 220 million will be financed by the city council, the rest will be spent out of the Europian sources, that they are available for the city of Szeged.”


The most significant part of the execution works by the Tisza Lajos boulevard is the section behind the department store. The reconstruction will include the small boulevard as well, from the Petőfi Sándor avenue to the Boldogasszony avenue, from wall-to-wall. There will be established a public transportation stripe, along with a bicycle stripe, the bus and trolley stops will be upgraded, an ornament paving will be executed at the sidewalks, and the green areas will be expanded too.


The announced public procurement was won by KÉSZ Inc. The works have been started with the surveying of the green areas and the pavings to be renewed, however, the traffic restrictions will take place only after end of the school year. The task was accepted with a 130 days deadline, which means that the interventions connected to closing the traffic lanes will be finished by the end of the summer.

The another part of the investment will take place at the other end of Tisza Lajos boulevard, at the junction point of Felső Tiszapart and the Huszár Mátyás quay. Here will be also executed a new bus lane, and the pavements and the green areas will be renewed as well. This tender was won by Délút Ltd. The mayor was emphasize, that the investments in the downtown area will be mainly focused on building of public transportation and bicycle lanes, as the interest of the population are growing these two types of traffic form. The third development is the traffic roundbound at the junction of Szilléri avenue and the Debreceni street. In this junction point will also KÉSZ perform the works.

”Its an honour, that we can work again at a domestic area. We will do our best, to cause as small as possible disruption in the passinger trafic and the calmness of the inhabitants in the neighbourhood. We will perform a quality work by the deadline!” – said Mr. Marcell Pintyőke, the communication leader of KÉSZ Group’s branch of Szeged on the site hand over – take over.