Consulting is a family-friendly workplace

August 22, 2016

KÉSZ Consulting Kft. has been awarded the title “Family-Friendly Workplace”. The title and the accompanying assistance can be awarded to organizations which pay special attention to the harmonization of work and family life and to providing support to colleagues with small children.

The State Secretariat for Social and Family Affairs of the Ministry of Human Capacities has awarded the title “Family-Friendly Workplace” for the sixth time this year. The award acknowledges both the already existing family-friendly measures and developments at workplaces and the ones planned for the future. The management of KÉSZ Consulting Kft. has always considered providing support to its employees in coordinating their work and their private life as important. In order to extend family-friendly measures, colleagues with small children are offered summer and children’s camps organized by the company during the summer holiday. The non-repayable assistance amount required for realizing this goal was won in a tender.