Cooperation of FAKT AG and the Hungarian company KÉSZ now officially

June 21, 2018

The contract was signed on 20th of June 2018 at Shamrockpark in Herne.

With the Hungarian company KÉSZ as cooperation partner, the FAKT Group was able to win a major international player for various construction projects of the whole company group. KÉSZ should realize a large part of the planned construction volume. In addition, a European guest house can now be built in one of the existing buildings of the Shamrockpark in Herne. Offices are opened in Herne and Essen for the associated company.

The FAKT Group invited to a reception with a subsequent press conference yesterday in the Mulvany Villa in the Herne Shamrockpark. There the signing of the founding of the company with the Hungarian cooperation partner KÉSZ took place. In the future, the former office build-ing, “House 3”, will be converted into a European guest house by the FAKT Group together with KÉSZ. It is also planned to establish contacts with the focus on Hungary/Europe and Chi-na/Asia in the planned new "World Center" building.

“However, since KÉSZ has been on the German market for 15 years now, FAKT AG is the perfect partner to start and complete joint investments with, while complementing each other's knowledge and resources”, Mihály Varga, Founder and President of KÉSZ Group explains.

The Mayor Lord of Herne, Dr. Frank Dudda also took the opportunity to solemnly greet the new company partner in the city of Herne.

After the signing of the contract, the introduction of the new management, the team and the architects followed. In addition, first goals and plans were presented. At the subsequent Get-Together, the guests took the opportunity to deepen their acquaintance in a pleasant and re-laxed atmosphere.

The FAKT subsidiary FAKT Shamrock Park GmbH has been the new owner of the entire areal since 21st of March, which has a plot size of 99,252 square meters. The areal offers 48,383 square meters of usable space in approximately 26 well-preserved existing buildings. The aim is to give Shamrockpark an open character and to revitalize it. With few exceptions, such as old garages, the existing buildings are to be preserved and supplemented by new buildings, so that the building density is increased. "Together with the city of Herne, we want to create a future location that will give Herne a new lease of life," explains Prof. em. Hubert Schulte-Kemper, CEO of FAKT AG. "We have already been able to arrange extensive cooperations," Schulte-Kemper continues, "and we are particularly pleased about the founding of the compa-ny with KÉSZ."
Balás Szegner, Hungarian Consul General, is also very pleased to see the connection: "I am proud that the acquaintance I made between two outstanding entrepreneurs has turned into a strategic partnership between two important companies - one from the Ruhr Area, the other from Hungary. This alliance should serve as a model for the economic cooperation between NRW and Hungary and serve as an example for other companies."