Latvia’s Cultural Center Will Be Manufactured in Kecskemét

January 22, 2019

The Hungarian Corporation Won a Giant Project

KÉSZ Group has been awarded with a significan role in a state investment in Latvia. The Hungarian Corporation manufactures and mounts the steel structure of the iconic open-air theater in Riga by October 2019. The reather complicated tube-sectioned roof has many penetrations, which are hard to manufacture. Therefore the structure will be transported by huge – so called oversized – trucks to the construction site. KÉSZ Group has been invited to the tender by the Latvian general contructor. At choosing the winner, the added technical and technological value, and the price.

Approximately 130 trucks will carry the steel structure of a weight of 1.700 tons from Kecskemét to Riga. The largest item to be shipped by one truck has a length of 26 meters, and the width of 5 meters. KÉSZ will perform the manufacturing, the delivery and the erection too, so ~ 50 people will work on this project in Hungary, and ~30 people in Latvia.

On this giant project Latvia will spend 45 million EUR, out of which KÉSZ’s order is nearly 9 million EUR. As the open-air theater will be an icomic cultural cernter of the northern country, the municipaly of Riga visited our manufactuing plant and viewed our advanaced technical sources in Keckemét.

”KÉSZ has been working for several general constructors, but its professionan skill is know even in the international market as well. It is a great honor, and – at the same time – it is a good feedback, that our professional knowledge and the capabilities of our steel structure manufacturing plant stands in a spot anywhere in the world!” said Mr. Balázs Uhrinyi, general director of KÉSZ Ipary Gyártó Ltd.

KÉSZ Group is one of the lagrest construction corporations of Hungary. Its successfull international expansion, market independence, and sector forming role highlits it out from the domestic competitors. Thanks to its wide portfolio, and own resources it is able to give answers to the upraising building industrial and economic service needs, not only in Hungary, but on the international market as well.

From the desing, through the execution all the way to the facility magament, the corporation it fulfills every single task, which is needed in the present abd the future clients,

KÉSZ Group is currently working in 30 countries with 65.000 partners, 2.000 employees, has nearly 5,5 million m2 references, over 3.100 realized projects, and it can be proud for 94 domestic and international awards. The net turnover reached 250 million EUR