Pier "B": a new passenger pier – in a record time

September 13, 2018
  • It took only 18 months, under which the new passenger pier at Liszt Ferenc Airport – side 2B was completed.
  • KÉSZ Group and Budapest Airport are working together since the SkyCourt project (2009).
  • The new passenger pier is the most important part of the Budapest Aiport’s 50 billion HUF investment, called: "BUD2020" airport–develpment plan.

Back in March 2017 – with a groundbreaking ceremony – the construction of the Pier "B" at the 2B terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport has started. The Budapest Airport’s fully own financed investment. It is the most important part of the "BUD2020" airport–development project, which is fully financed by the operator of the airport, in the value of 50 billion HUF (approximately 160 million EUR). For this project, BUD has employed the chief designer, Mr. Zoltán Tima, a Prima Primissima prize winner, and his KÖZTI design team, which designed the SkyCourt as well, about 6 years ago, and which was executed by KÉSZ Építő Inc.
"We have reached the new cornerstone in Budapest Airport’s life. In the line of executed airport developments in the past few years, this time we are handing over a very important project again". – said Mr. Jost Lammers, CEO of Budapest Airport Inc. on Thursday, on the handover ceremony of new Pier "B". The Liszt Ferenc International Airport’s passenger traffic has been rising year by year: the growth rate is already a two digit number. If this trend continues, by the end of the year we can report around 15 million passenger traffic, which is almost a growth of 2 million new people. This means, that it will surpass last year’s traffic record – which was 13,1 million passengers - by 14-15%. Budapest Airport became one of the fastest growing airports in Europe, and parallel to this, our flight network’s density and quality also significantly improved. Almost all important cities and regions of the continent can be reached by direct flight from Hungary. Earlier, in Budapest, such a big number of long-distance flights has never been available. The above-mentioned improvements provided enough reason to make a decision to construct a new passenger pier, which is the ”flagship” of our "BUD2020" airport development program."
This investment itself increased the non-Schengen "2B" Terminal’s area for passenger traffic by 10.000 square meters. Thanks to the 10 new passenger bridges – on a 200 meters long stripe – and to the architectural solutions, a total of 27 different boarding ways are available. The new passenger pier – which is connected to the "2B" Terminal, and it is harmonizing with the architectural image of the SkyCourt and the 2B Terminal – will be able to serve up to ten narrow–strain (f.e.: Boeing B737 and the Airbus A320 family) aircrafts, or three wide–strain (f.e.: Boeing B777 and Airbus A330 family), and four narrow–strain aircrafts at the same time. The new passenger pier – according to the estimates – will increase the passenger traffic capacity of the airport in Budapest by 5–6 million people.
A nearly 8 billion HUF investment’s construction tasks were executed by KÉSZ Group, which did complete the new passenger pier under a record time: in only 18 months, including – as a part of the investment – the extension of the "U" rolling airstrip.
"Back in 2009, we did not even think about it, that we may be a part of the success of the Budapest Airport for such a long time. We are still working together in a great partnership nearly for a decade! – said on the ceremonial handover Mr. László Szalados, Country Manager of KÉSZ Group. "We did help each other during the difficulties, and we were pleased together for our common successes. For example the wide number of prestigious recognition, which was given to SkyCourt. For us, it is very important, that during the creation process, and in the final result as well, everything is reflected, what we represent, on to what we look at as our mission and our philosophy, what is our brand slogan: "We build on knowledge". When we received the commission for the execution of the new passenger pier of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport’s 2B side, we were positive: regardless, that it was a hard task and a very short deadline, we can build again onto our common partnership, trust, and knowledge. Only after 18 months after the start, the building was done! By the undertaken deadline, in a planned quality, and most of all: without any accidents. The pier "B" is so modern, so functional, which will surely and comfortably serve the constantly growing airport traffic. To achieve this, we did implement a number of engineering feats and advanced technologies."
The cooperation of Budapest Airport and the KÉSZ Group will continue: in a matter of days, the construction of a new, six–storey parking building will start, which will serve the comfort of the travelers in a higher quality.

The time lapse movie about the construction of Pier B project can be seen here: