Rigid but nice! - unique steel statues in Kecskemét

June 10, 2015

Unlike before, this year the 12th Steel Sculptural Symposium, Metal Sculptural and Fine Arts Creative Workshop was ended with a Contemporary Artists' Picnic, and at the same time an exhibition was opened of the works of art created during the workshop. The exhibition is open to the public until August 10, and it can be visited free of charge at KÉSZ Industrial Park, building 12, Kecskemét.

In the scope of the event series organized since 2004, so far 88 artists arrived here from 11 countries, and they created a total number of 633 works of art. This year the central theme was “Shoddy” / “In Motion” - Encounters on the border of design and kinetic fine arts. Among the works created at the workshop, there is, for example, a radiator of the shape of a large brain made of metal, an abstract horse shape, and an anthropomorphic torso that is reminiscent of a skeleton. For further information about the workshop, please visit the website www.acelszobraszat.hu.