The "FürKÉSZ" playground in Széchenyiváros has been renewed

October 10, 2018

KÉSZ Group and the City Council of Kecskemét has renewed together the playground on the Széchenyi promenade again - after 11 years. Children could take possession of the result of the well-organized, nearly two months of preparation and the one and a half months of workflow.

At the press conference held on the spot, Mr. Tibor Polgár, Chief Business Officer of the KÉSZ Group said that in 2007 KÉSZ Group donated the FürKÉSZ playground on Széchenyi promenade to Kecskemét for the first time. In the life of the group, social responsibility and youth training play an important role, therefore – together with the competent leaders of the city – KÉSZ modernized, landscaped, expanded, and equipped  the old playground with new toys, making it really colorful. From today, children can also take on fully new toys, such as a giant locomotive with a slide, a colorful three-pronged star castle, and a sand-pit with a little nook. The total amount of investment exceeds 10 million HUF. KÉSZ Group is proud that it used its own resources and finished the project for a short deadline, providing the kids with more exciting and safe playground.

The Vice Mayor of the City of Kecskemét, Dr. Tamás Homoki also recalled the past of Széchenyiváros. As he said: ”the Széchenyi promenade playground is one of the city's public spaces with a long history: besides its good location and professionally well thought-out basic concept, its survival and development is ensured firstly by its continuous renewals up till today. He reminded that – at the same time with the infrastructural development of Széchenyiváros – at this same location, the first playground was established with a unique character, and art-built terrain forms, and it was also equipped with wooden toys made of artwork, carved benches, clinker brickwork and stone statues.

The original playground-architecture wanted to be – and indeed it became – a counterweight of the panel houses, with its uniqueness and playability, embedded in a green environment. Generations grew up on this square, but the iron teeth of time slowly, but surely left a mark on the playground, and renovation and reconstruction became apparent.

The children's playground was renewed for the first time in 2007 as a gift from the KÉSZ Group to Kecskemét City and was named "FürKÉSZ". The fully upgraded, modernized playground was completely refurbished in accordance with the latest standards and regulations at that time, and it was also delightful for the residents of the neighborhood and children in distant neighborhoods to enjoy it.

Thanks to the renovation, the popularity of the playground continued to grow, but popularity was accompanied by an intensive use. In 2018, after 11 years the City Council of Kecskemét and the KÉSZ Group found, that time has arrived for a comprehensive renewal and reconstruction. We can now confirm the results of a well-organized, two months of preparation and a one and a half months workflow with pleasure.

The toys and the fitness equipment were fully renewed. The playing devices, which were in hopelessly bad condition were removed and were replaced by three completely new, multifunctional, creativity and playing incentive equipment, and also a new sandbox was placed, but the old one was kept, too.

The environmental management of playgrounds was also in consideration: besides landscaping, grassing and the renovation of the pavement of the walkway, the replacement of the entire bench and trash collector stock was also carried out. Under one of the central tree groups of the playground, a new flowering plant island was established.