There is something, that the Hungarian designers can show!

February 12, 2018

An international scale conference, specifically focussed on engineers, was not hold for a quite long time in Hungary. This shortage will be solved by the "IDEA Conference" in Kecskemét, whose main professional organizer also revealed, why does he counts on a brilliant debate even on the first day.

As the most important engineers event of the year, the "IDEA 2018 Conference" will be organized for the first time in Kecskemét. About the creation, programs and purposes of the Conference we have asked Mr. András Balázs Kocsis, main professional organizer of the event.

The idea was born on the coast of lake Balaton

"The idea of the event came up at the first time last June on the Hidász (Pontooner) Days in Siófok. That program is organized for years by the group of structural designers, called pontooners" – said the further-training referent of Supporting Structures Branch of the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers (Magyar Mérnöki Kamara Tartószerkezeti Tagozata – MMK TT). " Seeing the success of the conference, we started talking with the chairman of the  supporting structure branch, Mr. László Szántó, that it would be worth orgaizing a conference for supporting structure engineers, who are involved in high construction."

After the organization has started, as a partner the KÉSZ Group was found, which –as a dominant major construction company – stood as first behind the conference, as well as the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (Magyar Mérnöki Kamara – MMK) , the Budapest University of Technology (Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem – BME) and the István Széchenyi University (Szécsnyi István Egyetem) in Győr.

What makes this conference unique?

We also asked the BIM Design Ltd’s design manager, expert for steel structures planning, why could we call this event as niche. " Each year, there are different-purposed and themed one-day events, where – with other professions – the engineering profession can be also seen. However, this kind  of international scaled, and a conference specifically focused on engineers was not organized for a very-very long time."

With a multi-month hard work, the team that was organized together the presenters. The team leader, Mr. András Balázs Kocsis thinks, that the Hungarian profession is very eager to listen to foreign speakers. " But this is generally less common, and for one conference the organizers are able to bring usually only one foreign lecturer." András Balázs Kocsis added: this time the most prominent experts will come from the domestic profession, ie. the professors of the Budapest University of Technology and the Széchenyi István University, who will perform a speach.

Another important feature is, that while bringing together the most important presenters of the domestic and international profession for an event, the "IDEA 2018 Conference" also provides accredited training for participating engineers.

Internationally renowned presenters on the first day

The event will last two days. On Thursday, March 8th an international day will be hold with renowned European presenters, in the case of foreign professionals it will be simultaneous interpretation. "For domestic engineers it is crucial to gain an outlook  into the world, and thus gain a professional impression" – wrote András Balázs Kocsis about the importance of the first day, who was working for four years in England, and through it he was in closest contact with a different kind of professionalism.

The program will include, among others, those involved in steel structures, as for example an Expert of the global Cimola Group from Italy, as well as renowned presenters as as Mr. Jan Knippers from Germany, or Austrian Professor Klaus Bollinger, as well as Mr. Robert Ridsdill Smith from England. The latter one is the leading structural engineer of one of the most important architect company of the world, the British Fostner and Partners. András Balázs Kocsis has added, that it is an important detail, that the latter one will speak on the second day: "So those, who can for some reason participate only on the second day, get a little international outlook."

All the participants involved in BIM at a roundtable

Also on the first day of the conference, there will be organized a roundtable-discussion by BIM (Building Information Modeling), where the investor, the designer, the contractor and also the software development team will be represented. "BIM is becoming an industrial standard, but there are degrees, which would be important to discuss, how much burden is it imposses on engineers, and further more, what are the benefits of it" – summerized the essence András Balázs Kocsis, who is expecting a brilliant debate about this topic. The professional expert has at the same time referred back, that BIM's approach can be greatly assisted by the presence of foreign presenters. Hungary is facing several problems that shall be solved regarding the introduction of BIM, for which thereare are existing solutions, and useful experiences are available in other countries.

András Balázs Kocsis, BIM Design Ltd’s head of office, did also pointed out, that their company has been designing steel models for a long time according to the BIM standard. Strategic customer of their company is the steel structure manufacturer KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Ltd. "The models are processed completely electronically at the factory, the parts are made on automatic machine lines, which are then often assembled by robots." At the same time he sees, this is not necessarily the most current in Hungary, rather the work on the 2D sheet drawing is typical at the construction industry. "That is why the round table conversation will be very interesting, because there will be actors there, who are still in front of introduction of BIM, and even those who have already been, or have just begun using it."

The first day will be closed by a gala dinner, where you can talk to the performers personally. At the same time, there will be an exhibition of the conference, where developers and software distributors are given the opportunity to appear.

On Friday training will be in focus

The conference will continue on Friday, where there will be split programs (ie running parallel to each other) in sections, where training for reinforced concrete designers and steel structure engineers will take place. " This will follow the classic education system, with the renowned Hungarian presenters of the above listed Universities" – continued András Balázs Kocsis. "In the reinforced concrete section, for example, we get answers to questions what is the standard expected in 2020 will look like, or what are the professors of research institutes working now. But there will be another interesting questions about the steel structure section, for example to look, what new policies will prevail in the design of mule (concrete+steel) structures. "

The professional organizer also explained in details, that for the engineers they can keep their design right, they must take part in specific training, and the event in Kecskemét due to its professional level gives this opportunity. This was recently formalized by accreditation of MMK's Structural Section and it’s Building Branch, who pronounce this official. " It gives a very important background, that the Bács-Kiskun County Chamber, as a local chamber, announces the conference as compulsory further training, so the engineer colleagues may choose it from any county" – said András Balázs Kocsis.

Every year, the motto will be different

The professional organizer of the event also drew attention, that the first  "IDEA Conference" would like to create a tradition. " We want to organize it every spring, with always another slogan. " The current IDEA is an abbreviation of the words: "Innovation", "Design", "Engineering" and "Architecture", which besides the awareness themed the event. Engineering is more about the second, while the other three will be in a focus of the first day.

We would like to announce the time of the next conference at the present’s end. " For the conference in 2019 we wish, if there were more Hungarian designers coming up with performances. It is important for us, to more people know them, and to show their knowledge, and their achievements. We think there's indeed so many things to talk about, and there is things to show, because many interesting and valuable buildings are built in Hungary.

The IDEA 2018 Conference’s – which will be hold on 08th and 09th March – media sponsor is a "magyarépítő".  The emphasized sponsor is the KÉSZ Inc.