We handed over a new welding hall in Szeged

April 13, 2016

We have handed over a new welding hall in Szeged, at the premises of Nagyfa-Alföld Kft.  Prisoners will be employed in the factory, who will have the opportunity to work as a welder during their sentence, or to study the welder profession, financed by the investor, KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. All this contribute greatly to their reintegration to society after their release.

Twenty-two prisoners will have the opportunity to work as a welder or to study welding in the new hall. 10 persons will weld steel stairs and handrails, twelve prisoners will study welding, financed by KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. at the Vocational Training Centre in Szeged. Those prisoners were selected by the Penitentiary and Prison of Szeged and the professional work-group of Nagyfa-Alföld Kft., who are medically fit, cooperative, norm following and who’s employment present low security risk.

On the hand-over ceremony Mr. Balázs Uhrinyi, the general manager of KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft. said: “KÉSZ Group has had a close relationship with the detention center for a long time, since we have designed, built and operated the National Detention Center in Tiszalök, and we also take part in employing the prisoners. Besides, KÉSZ Group pays particular attention and energy to education, employment, and the reintegration of prisoners into society. There are only a few professionals, who are experts in metal-working, and this present initiative could contribute to reducing this deficiency.”

Colonel Tibor Katona, the general manager of Nagyfa-Alföld Kft. thanked the contributors for their help for establishing the factory, “it is obvious that a prisoner is able to reintegrate to work more easily, if they have a profession.” He added: “Our company is continuously seeking the possibilities for cooperation with external companies. In the new welding factory those prisoners will work, who come from Nagyfa, Object III. of the  Penitentiary and Prison of Szeged. As soon as they are released, they are replaced by the newly trained welders.”