Vocational training of skills shortages in the building industry in Szeged

18. Januar 2018.

In the institution in Szeged, they are expecting students even after the elemetary school

Education of the building industrial skills shortages will start in September in Szeged. The goal of the vocational training is reducing labor shortages, because thousands of skilled workers are missing from the building industry in our country. The students can apply for training even after completing the elementary school.

The Szeged Member Institution of the Békési Vocational School of the Gál Ferenc College, in collaboration with KÉSZ Group,  it is not a secret aim, that this vocational training - starting in September 2018 - is to reduce the shortage of labor in the construction sector. Thanks to the cooperation, this is a special example of a secondary school that is to change of attitude in the vocational traing .

During the 3-year course, besides the theoretical foundation, the students can acquire marketable practical knowledge in a state-of-the-art work placement. After the successful mastery in the profession of, for exemple: welding, building- and structural locksmith or electrician profession trainings, the organizers of the training will provide stabe jobs for young professionals. With this, not only the students and the educational institution, but the employers' goals are also fulfilled , since there are very few skilled  workers on the market today. The interested students  can be consulted more details on the open days, which will be organized on three occasions.

"Our goal is to exceed good professionals from our school to their profession. We would like to see that it is not a state scholarship, that can be obtained from a shortage of skills, therefore we provide our students on all our training an Adolf Szabóky Vocational Training Scholarships, and much more than this." - says the leader of the institution, Benedek Kovács.

It is an important tool for developing student competencies development of alternative forms of learning in the community development of alternative forms of learning in the community and thus building up the motivation of students. As regards practical training, the experience of belonging to the community is also of particular importance, as the KÉSZ Group, which provides the practical training  from the outset, the group provides the students with all the benefits, that KÉSZ have for their full time staff.

Those interested in the details at the training venue, shall visit the location of the trainig in Szeged, Gutenbergutca 25-27., on the open days, thay will be held. Organizers welcome all interested parents and students alike on 18th January and 15th February at 5:00 p.m.

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