KÉSZ will finish its tasks at the Ferihegy development two months before the deadline

14. Juni 2018.

With this eight billion worth investment, a new passenger pier will be built, increasing the passenger traffic by 5-6 million people.

Two months earlier from the planned time, on 1st of August the contractor, KÉSZ Építő Inc. can hand over the passenger pier at Terminal 2B at the Budapest Airport, that is currently under construction. About the state of the project, Mr. Stephan Schattney, Director of the Technical Center of the Budapest Airport did reporte on the press-tour.

The Director said, the building of the new facility was speed up thanks to the favorable winter weather. The building will be handed over to the traffic even in the last time period of the summer season, mainly because of the new long distance traffic lines of Budapest.

Ten new passenger piers and 27 new boarding gates

We have been written about this project about a month ago, when 12 building mechanical students got a chance to walk-through the work area, and meet with the details with a help og the professionals og KÉSZ.

The self financed investment of the Budapest Airport will increase the area of the non-Schengen passiger traffic by more than 10.000 square meters of Terminal 2B.

The three-level pier makes possible the waiting, the inner and outer transport and the passport-checks for the air pasingers, and the airport of Budapest yearly passinger-tranport capacity will be increased by 3-6 million travellers.

At the 220 meters long area, there were created 10 new passenger piers and 27 new boarding gates, the piers will serve the various passenger boarding needs of the different airlines.

The renewal is also proceeding faster, than it was planned

The building of the passenger pier, connected to the 2B Terminal was one of the most impotant part of Budapest Airport’s 50 billion forint investment, named BUD 2020, which will be realized by the end of 2020 as a part of the airport-development plan.

The passenger pier’s nearly 8 billion forint worth development, besides the pier building also contains the extension of the rolling road used by the aircrafts. Paralell with this, the renewal of the air runway number 1. According to the Director, the works there are ahead by 15 days before the deadline, so by the end of June, they will be able to hand over the runway to the aircraft traffic.