A family-friendly workplace

May 19, 2015

KÉSZ Építő Zrt.'s management has always regarded it very important to help its employees attune their work and private life. In the interest of extending family-friendly measures, during the summer holidays the company intends to support employees with young children by organizing child-minding services and camps for children. They won non-refundable aid needed for this in a competition procedure.

The aim of the project is to support the creation and development of family-friendly workplaces, which help people to reconcile their work and private life, and attune their family, private life and workplace obligations. The project intends to provide support in two essential areas of life, by fine-tuning family life and creative work. It is among the fundamental interests of employers to reconcile family life and workplace responsibilities, as working with well-balanced employees is much more efficient; it is also favorable for the employees, because their family life and work becomes more harmonic, which results in a well-balanced life.

The winner of the competition, KÉSZ Építő Zrt. is entitled to use the title “Family-Friendly Workplace”.  The plaque can be seen on the 3rd floor of our office block in Budapest, opposite the elevator.

We congratulate on the initiative and wish much success for realization!