Airport concrete to be broken up for terminal expansion

March 01, 2017

KÉSZ Építő Co. Ltd. has commenced construction of the new pier to be connected to Terminal 2B of Ferenc Liszt Airport. The new passenger pier – fully financed by Budapest Airport – is expected to be completed in one and a half years and will increase the passenger area of Terminal 2B by more than 10 thousand square meters.

Construction works of the 220-meter-long new pier have been started – concrete as massive as the one being broken up on the apron of Terminal 2 may be found at few other places. Only two months ago aircraft were still using the area, and the hall of basic boarding gates that was used to be called ‘tin-plate terminal’ by the public was still in operation. Today, the worksite was inaugurated ceremonially by Budapest Airport as developer and KÉSZ Építő Co. Ltd. as contractor.
Budapest Airport commissioned Prima-Primissima-winner architect Zoltán Tima and the team of of KÖZTI who designed SkyCourt that was handed over six years ago to design the new wing in line with the principles of functionality, passenger comfort, and the best price/value ratio while maintaining the architectural unity of the terminal. The passenger pier will be a combination of fair-faced concrete, steel, and glass, and its style will merge the architectural features of SkyCourt and Terminal 2B. Interior finishes such as the floor will reflect the SkyCourt vibe while the external aluminum panels are aligned with the façade of Terminal 2B.
One of the most important elements of the 50-billion-HUF development program called BUD 2020 is Pier B, said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport. The project is scheduled to be completed by the middle of the summer in 2018. The new pier will ensure significantly more boarding gates; it will offer via 10 new boarding bridges 27 boarding options (through boarding bridge, by bus, or on foot). Budapest Airport is financing the project itself, dedicating considerable resources of its own to develop the capital airport gateway to Hungary and to contribute to the Hungarian economy as a whole, added Jost Lammers.
“We do believe that our return to the airport after the successful completion of SkyCourt in 2011 is not just a mere coincidence. We have just started the construction of Pier B, an 11 000 sq meter large passenger area at Budapest Airport.” said László Szalados, CEO of KÉSZ Építő Co. Ltd. He added: “As earlier with SkyCourt we make maximum effort with our resources and expertise to construct a first class building that meets all possible requirements without interfering with daily passenger traffic of the airport.”