Bouqet feast at the airport

November 20, 2017

The Passanger pier B has reached its highest point, the attic

Just nine months after the start of construction work, the development of the passenger pier (Pier B) at the new 2B side of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport has reached the top level. On this occasion, a bouquet feast celebration was held by both the Budapest Airport, which commissioned and financed the construction, and the contractor, KÉSZ Építő Plc., where was announced, that the passenger pier would be completed in the second half of 2018 in full.

The new Pier B was launched at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in March 2017. Budapest Airport's fully-funded investment was increased by more than ten thousand square meters at the non-Schengen 2B Terminal: on the 220-meter-long area, thanks to 10 new bridge and architectural solutions, a total of 27 different delivery options are available – tailored to the different needs of airlines (direct, bus and pedestrian delivery).

Terminal 2B – which is harmonizing with the architectural design and is terminated with SkyCourt and 2B terminal – will be able for simultaneous service of up to ten narrow-body aircrafts (for example Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 and similar), or up to three wide-body aircrafts (such as Boeing B777 and Airbus A330) plus another four medium-body aircrafts. The new passenger pier is estimated to increase the annual passenger capacity of the Budapest Airport by 5-6 million.

At the joint visit of Budapest Airport and KÉSZ Építő Inc., Director of the Budapest Airport Technical Center, Mr. Stephan Schattney said: "We are very pleased that we have managed to keep the construction deadline set in the preliminary schedule, so the works can continue during the autumn and winter weather conditions - now under the covered roof. It is important to continue with the construction at the planned pace, with keeping the deadlines, because from the third quarter of 2018 the B passenger pier should already be able to serve the new overseas passengers, such as LOT's New York and Chicago or American Airlines’ Philadelphia route".

Mr. László Szalados, County Manager of the KÉSZ Group said: "It is not only pleasure but also pride that Budapest Airport and KÉSZ Group will further build the gateway to Hungary by the imposing Sky Court building. The execution proceeds according to the schedule, and the new passenger pier in the airport rises minute by minute. "

The construction of a passenger terminal – connected to the 2B terminal – is one of the most important parts of Budapest Airport's 50 billion HUF (about 160 million EUR ) development plan called BUD 2020 airport, which the airport operator fully implements from its own funding until the end of 2020.