Electrotechnical execution in the car factory

July 20, 2018

REHAU is one of the most important car part supplier among such companies in Hungary. In their manufacturing plant in Újhartyán, they will manufacture front and rear car bumpers, during which procedure the injection molded elements will be painted, and then assembled. The manufacturing building is formed out of more separated halls, connected to each other, out of which the most important areas are as follows: injection molding, lacquering, and assebling halls, storage, office building, social block and the energy center. Outside of the complex there is a reception building, as well as a car parking.

The task of the Provim Ltd. is the complete electrotechnical execution of the building complex, which contains both middle-voltage systems (KÖF equipment and transformators), and small voltage systems (cableing, cabletrays, distribution eqipment, encapsulated bus bars, lighting, fittings, etc. installation). The area of the building complex is 64.000 m2, the expected electrical power need will be 13.000 kVA.