Greenhouse in the big city

October 21, 2015

An article about Erzsébet Office Building in Octogon magazine

There was a multi-page article in the 2015/6 issue of Octogon magazine about the Erzsébet Office Building, which was handed over to Groupama Insurance Plc. after a 10 months’ renewal, carried out by KÉSZ Építő Zrt.

Everything was demolished except for the raw concrete steel structure: the whole inner structure, the doors and windows, flooring and tiling, but the elevators as well. The scope of work for KÉSZ Építő Zrt. were finishing works, plastering, flooring and tiling, masonry works, supplementary concrete steel structures, suspended ceiling, painting, high current and HVAC installation. The inner reconstruction started with partition walls, mainly from brick, but the office walls were made of gypsum boards – informed us Zoltán Sáray, project director.