Kelenföld P+R Facility Handed Over

February 01, 2017

The construction work of the fourth and last P+R facility related to the M4 underground project has been completed in Kelenföld. With the 500 spaces opened at 12 AM today, presently car owners can use a total number of 1,500 parking spaces.

The fourth P+R facility was built on the place of the unused tracks of the Hungarian State Railways, following the necessary track demolition and preparation work, in a period of 10 months. The construction work, together with the construction of two further parking lots, was performed by KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. This work involved much more than just building a parking facility in the traditional sense, as significant road construction, hydraulic engineering, public works construction, structural and civil engineering work was also realised in the framework of the contract. A complex public lighting network and surveillance system has also been developed for the parking facility.