The Nymphaea holiday center is awaiting bathers from july

June 01, 2016

With financing of over EUR 15 million, one of Romania's largest wellness centers was built in Oradea. The new waterpark and holiday center named Nymphaea, which is the Latin equivalent for water lily, was built by the Romanian branch of KÉSZ Építő Zrt., a company in Hungarian ownership. Upon completion of the construction, an open day was organized.

Oradea is a city situated only 12 km-s from the Hungarian border. The swimming pool of the city of over 200,000 inhabitants was developed with financing of over HUF 15 million, using international funds.

Nymphaea Holiday Center, with a capacity of up to 1,500 people, features 7 outdoor and 13 indoor pools, a covered and an open air spa pool, a sauna, 13 slides, a water play area, as well as an aroma therapy and light therapy unit. The indoor and outdoor courts will be ideal for playing sports (bowling, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, chess, wall climbing, etc.) The new resort will have leisure pools, wave pools and water slides, as well as a certified swimming pool and diving pool suitable for organizing international competitions. The tallest one of the three diving towers is 10 meters high, while the lowest one is 3 meters high. The technical areas have been camouflaged with green areas and a small pond with water lilies. The spa section contains several types of saunas, while in the wellness section there are massage rooms and also two VIP Jacuzzis that can be hired.

The new waterpark and holiday center named Nymphaea, which is the Latin equivalent for water lily, was constructed by the Romanian affiliate of KÉSZ Group in Hungarian ownership. “I feel proud of being able to succeed in an international project of this scale. The final result also proves that we have done our best to make our client's and the designers' dreams come true.” – László Szalados, CEO of KÉSZ Építő Zrt. realizing the construction, emphasized.

The facility built on the shore of Crisul Repede river, where the city's former swimming pool was situated, lies on an area of nearly 7 hectares. The new complex consists of 6 buildings and 7 outdoor pools. Following the open day held on Saturday, depending on when the permits are issued, Nymphaea in Oradea will be awaiting bathers from July. KÉSZ Építő Zrt., the construction company, has been present in Romania since 2001, the year when its first foreign affiliate was established in Cluj-Napoca, which has constructed and renovated numerous industrial halls, logistics centers and other facilities.