This is how the renovation of Shopmark is moving on

August 07, 2018

The converting the Shopmark store, which is owned by the Magyar Posta Takarék Ingatlan Befektetési Alap, and which is represented by the Diófa Alapkezelő Inc., goes on since the beginning of this year. As a result of the works performed till today, among others, the new space arrangement was acomplished, and the modernization of the building is continuously goung on.

The renewal of the Shopmark begun in the beginning of 2018, with the execution works by KÉSZ Építő Ltd. The reconstruction, and the rental of business premises both are moving on in a good pace, the inhabitants of Kispest may take possession of it again in October the inside & outside renewed shopping center, where the offered goods number will be increased too.

In the current phase of renovation, the formation of the lowered ceiling, the construction of the steel structure of the portal support, cladding of the façades, and various building mechanical and electrical works are going on. In the 26.000 m2 area-size Shopmark’s ground floor’s natural lighting increase was achieved with a breakthrough of the ceiling, therefore the transparency between the levels was significantly enlarged. Thanks to the new interior split, nearly 80 new shops and service providers could get space in the shopping center on the Üllői road.

As it reveals from the recently published announcement, 90% of the shopping center is already rented out. Along with the favorite stores, a number of new brands will represent hemselves in the building. The largest new renter is the Reserved, they will open with a 2.000 m2 area on 2 levels in Shopmark.

The renters have already begun to occupy their areas following the timetable for construction, thus with creating the common areas, at the same time the deployment of shops can begin, for the sake, that the shopping center can be completely ready for the hand-over and opening in October.

Mr. Balázs Czifra, head of the real estate investment branch of the Diófa Alapkezelő Inc. did highligh the  role of this building in Budapest: „Shopmark’s complex renewal goes on with a big scale, which can be seen on site. From the investor’s point of view, it is a joyful news, that the negotiations with the renters are standing well, based on which is almost completely established the rental-mix, and the business premises final formation has begun, so that the Shopmark may be finished on time, and with it’s new glory may to receive the visitors.”

Mr. Macell Pintyőke, marketing-communication director of KÉSZ Group has added: „We already knew at the beginning of this project, that it will be a quite big challenge the reconstruction of the existing building, from architectural, functional and aesthetical viewpoint. On this project an average 400 professionals working at the same time, who are resposible for creating the interior spaces, for the modernization of escalators and elevators, for for energetical modernization and for the conversion of the façades.”