We are continuing to build the airport terminal

December 09, 2016

Construction of Passenger Pier B of Terminal 2 at Liszt Ferenc International Airport is going to begin in less than a month, for which works the airport operator has engaged KÉSZ Építő Zrt. The fact that the agreement on this investment, amounting to more than 6 billion HUF in total, was signed this week means that KÉSZ can continue to further develop the terminal after completing the SkyCourt six years ago.

10,000 square meters — this will be the expansion of the passenger traffic area at Liszt Ferenc International Airport after Passenger Pier B will have been finished. The investment has become necessary due to the dynamic traffic increase seen in recent years. Development of Passenger Pier B on the non-Schengen side is funded completely by Budapest Airport, which also means that the days of the basic boarding gates are also numbered on this side, as the construction will start by dismantling the temporary facility.

The contract between Budapest Airport and KÉSZ Építő Zrt was signed on behalf the airport by Mr. Jost Lammers, CEO and Mr. Stephan Schattney, Director of Corporate Unit Technical, while the document was signed on behalf of KÉSZ Zrt by Mr. László Szalados, CEO. Construction of Passenger Pier B is going to start in January 2017 and is expected to take one and a half years. The 220 meters long new building wing connecting to Airport Terminal B will significantly increase the boarding gate capacity of the airport. The new Pier B is especially designed to serve the increased demand for wide-body aircraft parking positions, offering a total number of 27 new boarding gates and 10 new passenger bridges. In line with current trends, Pier B offers maximum flexibility as all boarding gates will be capable of boarding via passenger bridge, bus or on foot.

“It is a great pleasure and honor to work together again on the further development of the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.” emphasized Mr. László Szalados, CEO of KÉSZ Építő Zrt, at the signing and he then added: “We will use all our resources and professionals to finish the new pier in the expected quality and on time.”

“I am honestly happy that KÉSZ Zrt. has become the winner of the public procurement procedure and that we had the chance to conclude the agreement with them, as we had already had the chance to see the reliability of their work and their compliance with the highest technological standards during the construction of the SkyCourt. Moreover, the professionals of the KÉSZ Team are already familiar with the multitude of requirements to comply with during the management of a construction of such scale within the security zone of the airport.” — said Mr. Stephan Schattney, Director of the Corporate Unit Technical of Budapest Airport